Testimonial from a Travel Writer


Thoroughly enjoyed your tour! Who was it they used to call "the hardest working man in show business?" I think it was somebody like Ed Sullivan...? But anyway, I think you've inherited that mantle. Also, as one who has spent considerable time doing serious archival research for my books, I was really impressed with the level of your knowledge. You're going way, way beyond playing a role. You'll definitely make it into my "weekend in Sonoma" article.

Suzanne Rodriguez

Travel & Culinary Journalist Vice President
Bay Area Travel Writers Board of Directors



Testimonial from a Tourist from Seattle

Thank you so much for our walking tour of Sonoma, it was definitely a highlight of our trip to Sonoma, which is saying something, given the myriad delights of the area! You gave us the opportunity to better appreciate so many of the factors which contributed to how Northern California in general– and Sonoma in particular- became what it is today, as well as a glimpse into the lives of fascinating historical figures who were instrumental in making it all happen.

Your depth and breadth of knowledge of the history of the region is truly impressive, and your storytelling talents made your stories do more than come to life. They swaggered into town, demanded a whiskey, and elbowed their way into our memories.

Best regards-

Laura Stone Shifflette



Mark Twain Walking Tour of Napa and Sonoma

My dear readers, I've returned to relive              my life in the West!

In this hour and a half walkin' tour, you will see historic buildings, journey down mysterious alleyways, and explore Historic Napa or Sonoma. You will hear tales of gold and silver mining, newspaper days in San Francisco and Napa, and the story of my life out in the West.


Reservations required, for pricing and info on  Historic Re-Enactment Walking Tours of Napa or Sonoma call 707-694-5097.

Maximum size group is 25.

The Mark Twain Walking tour is a part of the Sonoma Plaza History/Food/Wine Experience. Reservations required, limited availability. Click here for more info:

Mark Twain may also be hired to lecture to your group or appear at your event. For reservations and pricing call: 707-694-5097
or email him here!

Testimonial from a Tourist

Thanks so much, Sam! We had so much fun on our tour...we have always been big fans, and to meet you in person, well, it was unbelievable!

Pete and Pam Rose Des Moines, Iowa

Testimonial from a School Group

Howdy George!

You were tremendous yesterday! The kids said it was the best day ever! Mrs. T thought you were perfect  I can tell you the kids have never had an experience like that and they will never forget you. You have really turned them on to California History.

Sincere thank you!

James Natuzzi

Thomas Edison Elementary, Daly City, CA

 School Groups

Learning was never so much fun, with Mark Twain himself telling stories of the gold rush, mining for silver, and tales from his amazing life. E-mail Mr. Twain beforehand with topics you would like discussed.