Testimonial from Cornell University Alumni Group

General Vallejo's entertaining presentation combines the showmanship of an accomplished actor with the scholarship of a distinguished academic.

Cindy Ware, Denver Colorado

General Vallejo Historic Walking Tour

I, General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo founder of the pueblo of Sonoma, and Commandante General of Alta California am more than pleased to have returned to corporeal form.

In lectures and walking tours you may learn about me: native Californian, military hero, diplomat, scientific farmer and winemaker.  Experience the true story of the Bear Flag Revolt on the ground where it happened, and hear tales of early Rancho California.

For information and pricing on a General Vallejo lecture or tour, call 707-694-5097.



General Vallejo is the featured performer of the Sonoma Walking Tour. Click here for information

General Vallejo makes history come alive for KIDS!

Learning was never so much fun, with the good General himself telling stories of Mexican California, the Sonoma Mission, Grizzly Bears, the Hide and Tallow Trade, and the Bear Flag Revolt. E-mail the General beforehand with topics you would like discussed.

George Webber as General Vallejo was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle's Bay Folk Sketchbook.
Below: Vallejo and wife in Sonoma parade
I hired General Vallejo to appear at our historic property for "Holiday in Carneros." His great knowledge of history and wonderful delivery made the day for my visitors and staff. It was just like the real General Vallejo was here!
Becky Larson


Testimonial from a History Buff

A General Vallejo Walking Tour was the last planned event on our three-day fraternity reunion, and it really capped things off. Everyone was delighted with your presentation and impressed by how much there was to know about General Vallejo and the state of California. In a nutshell: we had a GREAT TIME! We will be sure to recommend your tours to future visitors coming this way.



Best regards,

Chuck Elliott
Fairfield, California
October 18, 2008


Testimonial from Event Producer

On behalf of the Sonoma-Aswan Sister City Committee, I want to thank you for contributing to our event! The accolades are still coming in! Many have mentioned the General's appearance, and I want to thank you for the research and thoughtful writing of the speech the General presented.

Carol Blackman
Sonoma-Aswan Sister City Committee


Testimonial for a General Vallejo speech

On April 21, 2008, George Webber appeared at my 5-state conference in Napa, portraying General Mariano Vallejo.  His history lesson/performance was terrific! He had learned about our group in advance (we are the California Cattlewomen, and our meeting was a 5-state Regional Meeting of American National Cattlewomen) by going to our website and educating himself...this in order to make our presentation personal.  It certainly was! Several of our speakers came early as I had encouraged them to take the opportunity to see George.  Each of them said that he was outstanding.  So did our members. His presentation made us more aware of the local history and set the stage for the rest of our conference.

Respectfully yours,

Judy Ahmann
President, California Cattlewomen