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Luigi: the Singing Italian Chef

Luigi performs at private parties, events, restaurants, wineries, and as part of the “Trilogy Tour” where he joins Professor Vine and either General Vallejo or Mark Twain as they traipse merrily around the Plaza.

Luigi sings songs with wine-centric lyrics, and tells stories of Sonoma’s Italian immigrants. He is also a wine expert, and can answer any question on the vineous fluid.

For best results the organizer should not tell his guests that EACH of their tour guides that day will be the SAME GUY. When they figure it out, it’s hilarious!

Luigi doing ZOOM cooking show.jpg

Review of Trilogy Tour


Thanks so much for the tour you gave my twenty five insurance agents from around the country. Whether you were performing as Luigi, General Vallejo or Professor Vine, your characters made for smashing entertainment.

After the General Vallejo Walking Tour in the Sonoma town plaza we got on the bus and headed up to a winery. My clients commented on how informative and amusing the chap playing General Vallejo had been, and how they were looking forward to meeting my next "friend", Luigi.


The look on their faces as Luigi emerged from the barrel-room -an Italian having replaced General Vallejo - the slow dawning of realization, laughter, confusion - was an absolute picture!! Later on, when Professor Vine appeared to take us through the third and final part of our education, people were simply amazed.


Andy----Director Strategic Accounts/VP Business Development/GE Financial

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