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“Locals” History Tour of the Sonoma Plaza


90 minute walking tours of the Sonoma Plaza take place Sunday mornings at 10am for people who love history and feel “local” wherever they are


Reservations required

Call George at 


$20 in cash or Venmo per adult at end of tour--- children free and welcomed!

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The story of Sonoma is told by George Webber as he brings to life the character of General Vallejo, founder of Sonoma.

Perfect for history students young or old; General Vallejo will guide you by the Blue Wing Inn, the Mission, BarracksCasa Grande site, and the Plaza.

Topics covered include:


  • Vallejo’s life as a boy growing up in Monterey, California in the early 1800’s

  • The founding of the Sonoma Mission in 1823

  • What Mission life was really like for the Native Americans who became “neophytes”

  • Secularization of the Missions and the arrival of General Vallejo to Sonoma

  • Building the civilian pueblo of Sonoma

  • The true story of the Bear Flag Revolt

  • The betrayal of the California Land Act of 1851

  • The beautification of the Plaza, building of City Hall, and Grinstead Amphitheatre


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