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Professor Vine


Perplexed and confused about wine? Looking for someone to both explain and entertain? Then search no further! Professor Vine is here to answer your questions and make you laugh.


Should wine be serious? NO! Should wine be fun? YES!


In a one-hour wine lecture by Professor Vine you will learn how to:

  • Identify a corked bottle

  • Use tasting descriptive terms to describe wine

  • Make amusing comments about wine that will astound your friends and impress your boss

Hire Professor Vine for your special event and let the fun begin!

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Professor Vine Teaches Wine in Light-hearted Way

by Paul Franson
November 20, 2006 ---Wine


George Webber, Sonoma's "professional multiple-personality artiste," performs as Professor Vine. Dr. Vine provides basic wine information in an amusing manner by using flip charts, singing songs with wine lyrics, cracking jokes, and explaining tasting terms.

Not all of wine is tending grapes and monitoring fermentations. A good part of the life of many vintners and even winemakers is helping market their products. Many wineries in Sonoma County have recently discovered a unique way to market their wines: They hire performance actor George Webber, also known as Professor Vine, who teaches visitors about wine in an entertaining way. Webber's act is the only one of its kind in the wine business. 


Webber provides basic wine information in an amusing manner, using flip charts, singing songs with wine lyrics, cracking jokes, explaining tasting terms, even adding a bit on the history of wine: "According to recent archeological evidence, it is now believed that the discovery of fermented beverages made civilization itself possible as it made it more fun to be with other people." Webber also performs for wine club events, private parties, winery open houses and tourist groups.

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